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Same Penalties for Boat DWI as Road DWI in Brick, New Jersey

Visitors and residents alike may be shocked to find out that you can receive a DWI or DUI while driving your boat on the waters of Brick Township and throughout New Jersey. The penalties for a Boat DWI or “BWI” are the same as for that of a regular motor vehicle DWI or DUI. If you lose your license due to a DWI conviction on a boat, you will also lose your automobile driver’s license. In addition to the license suspension, you will see heavy and burdensome fines, possible jail time, possible installation of an ignition interlock device and program and fee requirements of the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC).

You May Get Drunk Quicker on a Boat Than on Land

Brick Township residents boating on the Metedeconk or the Barnegat Bay may not realize that the effects of alcohol may be amplified by drinking on a boat. What would normally take 4 beers to accomplish may only take two on a boat. The constant motion and exposure to direct sunlight will most definitely compound the effects of alcohol and boaters usually do not know how to adjust their alcohol intake accordingly. As a result, you may have been moored in your favorite cove drinking for the day and not realize how drunk you are actually getting. Rather than wait it out, most people will simply drive their boats feeling that way. They will suffer the consequences if they do so.

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Villani & DeLuca attorneys have significant experience handling DWI, DUI and refusal matters. Partner Carmine R. Villani is one of very few New Jersey attorneys who are trained by the manufacturer to use the AlcotestĀ® MKIII-C breath testing device which measures the BAC of intoxicated boaters and motorists.

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