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Defending Criminal Charges In Brick, NJ

Whether you have been charged with an indictable crime to be heard at the Ocean County Superior Court, or a disorderly persons offense to be heard at Brick Township Municipal Court, you need a good lawyer by your side.  If you choose to hire a Brick, NJ criminal defense attorney to represent you, you may ask the Brick Township Municipal Court staff for help in requesting a postponement of your court date so you can help prepare for your case.  If you’re facing serious criminal charges in Brick Township, call the criminal defense attorneys at Villani & DeLuca today to set up a free consultation!

Drug Crime Defense in Brick, NJ

Dealing drugs is a serious crime all over New Jersey. In recent years, Ocean County’s suburbs have seen a dramatic rise in drug-related activity. One of the biggest problems plaguing Brick today is heroin use and distribution. In 2012, Brick Township had 550 reported heroin and other opiate abuse cases, making it sixth in the state for such offenses.

Controlled dangerous substances (CDS) are categorized by three factors: their usefulness to the medical community, their potential for abuse and addiction, and their harmfulness to users. Each category, or schedule, of substance has its own set of penalties for defendants found guilty of distributing it. For example, possession of more than five ounces of heroin, a Schedule I substance, is a first degree crime. Possession with the intent to sell anabolic steroids, a Schedule III substance, is a third degree crime.

Marijuana possession is charged slightly differently from controlled dangerous substances. It is not assigned to a schedule like other drugs and the main aim of marijuana prosecution is to stop the large-scale dealers from selling marijuana to the public. Penalties for drug distribution charges are raised if the defendant was found selling controlled dangerous substances within a school zone, which is within 1,000 feet of school property. Distributing drugs within a school zone carries a mandatory jail sentence for all convicted defendants.

Burglary in Brick Township

Brick, New Jersey, is a very densely populated town with many commercial buildings and private homes. Although Brick has been named the “Safest City in America” by the Morgan Quitno survey and routinely described as one of the safest cities in New Jersey, crime can happen anywhere.

Burglary is the act of entering or remaining inside a structure that one has not been given permission to access or remain inside past a posted or previously agreed upon time frame. This includes partitioned-off rooms and sections of structures as well as entire structures themselves. Breaking in is not necessary for a crime to be considered burglary – any person who enters without permission may be found guilty of burglary if he or she entered with the intention to complete a criminal act, such as theft, from the structure. The difference between trespassing and burglary is the intention to complete a criminal act while inside the forbidden structure. If it can be proven that there was no intent to steal, vandalize, or otherwise commit a crime while inside, the defendant may be found guilty of trespassing if he or she was not permitted to enter the structure he or she was inside. If there was any intention to commit a crime inside, whether the crime was successfully completed or not, the defendant may be found guilty of burglary.

If you have been accused of any criminal offense in Brick and want to clear your name, call Villani & DeLuca today to start working on your defense. When you call Villani & DeLuca at (732) 965-3345, you are entitled to a free legal consultation. Call now to discuss your case and find out what your best course of action is to defend yourself.


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