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As the third most populous municipality in Ocean County, and home to Jersey Shore beaches, Brick Township handles a significant amount of traffic on its roadways.  In particular, Routes 70 and 88 are common sites for traffic accidents, especially by motorists driving under the influence of alcohol. If you are arrested for a DWI, DUI or refusal in Brick, you must speak to a New Jersey DWI lawyer right away.  Although a DWI is not a criminal offense, you still face the possibility of losing your driver’s license, paying thousands of dollars in fines, and spending time in jail.

Sobriety Checkpoints in Brick, NJ

In the interest of public safety, Brick Township sets up a large number of sobriety checkpoints within its borders, especially during the summer months.  These checkpoints are set up throughout Brick and its neighboring community of Toms River – ranked the top municipality in New Jersey for DWI arrests.  In addition to DWI arrests, these checkpoints are used to catch motorists on infractions, such as expired or suspended licenses and outstanding warrants.  As these checkpoints are randomly scheduled throughout the year, you stand a good chance of being stopped by the police for suspicion of drunk driving when traveling through Brick Township.

Penalties for a first offense can include: (1) forfeiture of license for up to 1 year, (2) a fine of $500.00 plus other administrative fees and penalties, (3) up to 30 days in jail, (4) participation and fulfillment of the fees and requirements of the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC) and (5) at the courts discretion (but becomes mandatory if BAC is over 0.15%) the installation of an ignition interlock device.

Refusing a Breath Test in Brick Township

Refusal convictions come with similar penalties associated with a drunk driving charge, but they are even harsher in some ways.  Suspected drivers often make the mistake of refusing to submit to a breath test, believing that it is their legal right to do so.  New Jersey operates under the law of implied consent.  Under this law, the privilege of driving is granted upon your implied consent to submit to breath test if an officer has probable cause to suspect you of driving under the influence.  Therefore, any refusal or even hesitation to give a breath sample will result in a refusal charge.

A DWI Conviction Stays with You for Life

It’s important to keep in mind that a DWI remains on your driver’s abstract for life, since expungements only apply to criminal records.  A DWI or refusal record is especially damaging when it comes to obtaining affordable car insurance, since you will be assessed with insurance eligibility points and annual surcharges for 3 years after conviction.

Getting charged with a DWI, DUI or refusal, call can cost you thousands of dollars, suspension of your driver license and even your freedom. Call for a free consultation with one of our experienced Brick DWI lawyers of Villani & DeLuca at 732-965-3345.

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